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Filan & Conner: A Top Air Conditioning Company in Berlin, NJ for 40+ years

South Jersey residents love Filan & Conner, an experienced HVAC provider with over 40 years of service in the area. From cooling and heating installations to repairs or maintenance, our comprehensive service offer covers all your needs in air conditioning and indoor air quality solutions. We are dedicated to providing energy efficient solutions while offering excellent repair workmanship.

At a Glance...

  • Filan & Conner has been offering comprehensive air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality services in Berlin, NJ for over 40 years.

  • Licensed and insured, we offer financing options with low monthly payments.

  • Our well-seasoned HVAC technicians install all energy-efficient solutions such as heat pumps, ductless systems and central air conditioning to reduce our customers' energy costs.

Air Conditioning Installation

HVAC contractor Filan & Conner operates in West Berlin, NJ and all the neighboring cities. We specialize in air conditioning installation for your home comfort needs. Our HVAC team is very experienced and committed to offering the highest quality of service. We install top quality systems like Rheem and Trane in all kinds of models: heaters, gas packages, heat pumps, and mini-splits. We also engineer and install custom ductwork, and no building is too complex for us. 

We install humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well as set up zone control which allows individual temperature settings throughout different parts of your residence. Heat pumps also offer cost saving benefits (see below). When it comes to heating and cooling our technicians help you make sure that whatever system you select it is installed according to all requirements, and provides excellent energy efficiency no matter what size space you have.

Air Conditioning Repairs

When your AC system needs care, Filan & Conner are here to help with well-rated air conditioning repair services. Our HVAC specialists have the necessary know-how to repair any type of AC and subsystems such as ignitors, gas valves, blower motors, ECM engines, flame detectors, heat exchangers, and burner assemblies.

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Regular maintenance and timely fixing will increase the lifespan of your air conditioner while avoiding future costly repairs. All provided with excellent customer service that goes above and beyond expectations. 


Rely on our certified HVAC technicians to make a correct diagnosis of the issues, and resolve all types of HVAC issues quickly so that your heating and cooling system continues working efficiently.

Maintenance Services

Keeping your air conditioning system in optimal condition requires routine maintenance. With Filan & Conner, you know that all necessary services are carried out with expertise and care to keep your home comfortable year-round. 

HVAC tune-ups performed twice a year at the start of heating and cooling seasons, repairs or installations if needed, filter cleaning/replacement, checking thermostat settings as well as inspecting coils and fins for build up, flushing systems when required, and removing blockages which occur due to dirt accumulation.

Subscribing our regular maintenance contract guarantees continued peak performance from your HVAC unit and ensures consistent comfort throughout your home during the year.

Licensed and Insured

When you choose Filan & Conner to cover your HVAC needs, you are assured of working with an experienced and reliable team that is licensed and insured in New Jersey. Our licenses (NJMPL-12134, NJHIL-165900,and NJMHVACR-73200) guarantee we follow the highest industry standards while providing maximum protection against any liability or damages.

Use our services and get peace of mind knowing all regulations have been followed properly for optimal results.

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At Filan & Conner we understand that buying a new HVAC system is an investment. We offer several financing solutions to our clients. With flexible payment plans available, 0% interest on most terms and low monthly payments for energy-efficient systems, we make it possible for our customers to get a desirable HVAC system without breaking the bank.​For more details about our financial options contact Filan & Conner at (856) 895-2062. Our team can discuss solutions tailored specifically towards your budget needs.

Experienced Technicians

When it comes to air conditioning, heating and HVAC services, repair and installation - Filan & Conner are trusted experts. Our team of HVAC technicians has all of the necessary certifications ensuring a safe work process. They take pride in delivering quality results that come with timely service for an affordable cost.

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Cooling Solutions

Homeowners in Berlin, NJ and surrounding cities can look to Filan & Conner for reliable HVAC services and energy-efficient cooling solutions. With options such as heat pumps, ductless systems or central air conditioning, these cost-effective choices help reduce the environmental impact of your home’s climate control needs.

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Heat pumps offer a great way to cool or warm up your space efficiently while remaining ecofriendly. Ductless systems are simple to install and still provide adequate heating without needing any existing ductwork already set up inside the house. This makes them an excellent choice for many homes out there. Central air conditioning is certainly the most widely adopted type of system due its consistency at operating at all temperatures throughout the year.

Our experts assess which option is best suited to our Clients individual requirements so that they can make the right decision between AC units.

Heat Pumps

If you’re in the Berlin Township area looking for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home, a heat pump might be right for you. At Filan & Conner we provide expert installation of these systems which can work with existing ductwork or come as a no-ducts model.

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Heat pumps are quite unique as they transfer heating and cooling between indoor/outdoor environments, thereby providing both warmth when cold outside and relief from high temperatures during summertime! 

If you would like more information on how our heat pumps could benefit your home, please contact Filan & Conner at (856) 895-2062. Our consultation is free of charge.


Ductless Systems

Ductless systems, also referred to as mini-splits, provide an energy efficient and versatile solution for homes that lack existing ductwork or have limited space. The system is comprised of an outdoor unit connected by refrigerant lines to one or more indoor units which compress the coolant and distribute heated/cooled air into the home’s interior allowing individual room temperature control.

Filan & Conner’s experienced installation team ensure you receive high quality cooling at maximum efficiency. Their help can deliver all kinds of advantages such as zone heating and cooling enabling enhanced comfort in each area throughout your house.

Central Air Conditioning

For a reliable and efficient form of cooling, trust the team at Filan & Conner to install central air conditioning in your home. Our installation process starts by measuring the volume to be cooled off, the number of rooms and the floorplan to select the appropriate number of tons of air conditioning your home needs to ensure your comfort year long. We also inspect your existing ductwork to verify that it is appropriate for the unit to be installed or needs to be modified for better performance. The installation proceeds smoothly as planned, and we deliver your system when all test results are per specifications.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Filan & Conner provides not only heating and cooling services, but also has solutions to address indoor air quality. These include an array of options such as air filters for reducing allergens, dust particles, or other airborne particulates; purifiers eliminating hazardous contaminants and odors; and proper ventilation to ensure good air circulation so that humidity is kept at optimal levels.

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Air Filters

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Our HVAC technicians can advise you on your options in air filtration. Air filters help an AC unit to run at peak performance. They also optimize indoor air quality by reducing pollutants, allergens and dust particles from the outside.


One of the options offers by Filan & Conner is the installation of an effective air purifier. These units greately reduce dust, pollen, smoke, viruses and allergens that are too fine to be caught by regular air filters. This creates a healthier environment that is also more pleasant.

Different types of filters and air purifiers are designed for specific contaminants. Our technicians stand at the ready to provide advice on suitable models.

Rheem air purifiers

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation works to keep a home healthy and comfortable. Air circulation helps maintain optimal humidity levels in your house, and avoid mold or mildew. Filan & Conner’s technicians will advise you and provide relevant documentation to help you make decisions.

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Comprehensive Furnace Services

Filan & Conner has been providing first-rate HVAC services to residents of South Jersey. With a comprehensive range of AC systems, we make sure that your home is kept warm during those cold Jersey winter months. We maintain and repair all types of heaters and furnaces to make sure they run at optimum level.

  • What certifications should an HVAC contractor have?
    HVAC contractors should possess the NATE Certification. If they replace refrigerant, they must have the appropriate certifications. There are other certifications available. Please ask our support reps when you call.
  • How can I save money on AC repairs?
    Subscribe a contract for preventive maintenance; keep your air filters clean; remove any debris or encumbrance around your AC unit and near the return vents. Remain alert for unusual smells and noise or water leaks.
  • What types of air conditioning services does Filan & Conner offer?
    We can repair and maintain any air conditioner of any type. We install Rheem and Trane air conditioning units because they have a proven track record of reliability and performance.
  • Why are HVAC repairs so expensive?
    HVAC repairs are costly due to the complexity of the system, the parts needed, the service area of the HVAC contractor, and other general business costs. All of these expenses add up to the total cost.
  • Is it true an HVAC warranty can be voided?
    Yes. Your HVAC must be installed and maintained by professional certified HVAC technicians. Manufacturers can’t afford to repair or replace units that have been badly maintained or not maintained at all, or installed by non-professionals. Repairs done by homeowners themselves will often be wrongly done, or incomplete, and mask the cause of the original issue. HVAC manufacturers can be obligated to fulfill their warranties in these circumstances.
  • Are Filan& Conner's technicians NATE Certified?
    Yes, our HVAC technicians are NATE Certified. NATE has become the best qualification standard in the industry, and a NATE certification requires experience and proper training. Most of our HVAC technicians also hold certification in other specialties, such as changing air refrigerant or converting a system for a different air refrigerant type. Ask us for details.
  • Why should I choose Filan & Conner over any other HVAC contractor?
    Ultimately, the decision is fully yours. Sometimes it comes down to pricing, sometimes to experience and reputation, sometimes to a specific brand of AC. We only suggest the following factors to guide your choice. Only select a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor, for your safety and your warranty. The HVAC contractor must also carry enough insurance to pay for any problem they may create in your home. We advise homeowners to ask for the certifications help by the contractor. These certifications are a reassuring sign that the air conditioning company will follow industry best practices. A NATE certification is definitely a requirement. Read reviews. Does the air conditioning company meets customers' standards of excellence ona regular basis? You can ask the HVAC contractor for customer references too. Before making any commitment, make sure you fully understand the content of the quote you receive frm the air conditioning company.
  • What brands of HVAC systems does Filan & Conner install?
    At Filan & Conner, in accordance with our commitment to installing high-grade HVAC systems, we carry Rheem and Trane, two very trusted brands.
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