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24/7 Air Conditioning Repair Services
in Berlin Township and all over NJ

Filan & Conner offers air conditioning repair services 24/7 as part of our company’s efforts to help residents of Berlin Township and surrounding cities maintain a comfortable living environment. With several decades of experience as an HVAC contractor operating in South Jersey, we know how to meet the needs of both homeowners and business owners.


Discover below the benefits of our comprehensive AC repair services, why we could be the right HVAC contractor for you, how to look at repair costs, and how best to save money on repairs.

Do you need emergency AC repair services?

3 Good Reasons to Call Us for AC Repair Service

  • We provide AC repair services promptly, 24/7, to help you avoid potential higher costs and system breakdowns.

  • All aspects of our service focus on optimizing your HVAC for peak performance and energy efficiency.

  • Filan & Conner offers high-quality air conditioning repair services with Certified HVAC technicians. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the comfort of your home, and for businesses, the well-being of your staff and clients.

High Quality AC Repair Services

Filan & Conner offers a full range of air conditioning services, covering repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our high rating in Google Reviews shows how committed we are to outstanding customer service and lowering your power usage and costs.

With 40+ years of operating as an air conditioning company in Berlin, our certified HVAC technicians well trained in handling many types of AC systems: central air systems (e.g., gas packages), heat pumps, ductless systems, furnaces, air purifiers, etc.   

Timely Repairs

As a licensed HVAC contractor, we know the speed at which we handle any repair is key to preventing additional damage to your AC unit and avoiding expensive replacements. Our scheduling is fast and responsive.

When people delay addressing air conditioning issues, their energy consumption increases, their air quality and temperature control is compromised, and they incur a heightened risk of catastrophic system breakdowns.

filan conner hvac service
AC Repair Berlin Nj

We always advise our clients on what to pay attention to when running their AC. This is the best way for you to detect potential issues early, and save yourself time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress. 

AC systems are built to last 12-15 years. In fact, they can last even longer but when they age, they require more frequent repairs and eventually become inefficient by comparison with more modern solutions. The annual cost of your AC system directly depends on how well it is maintained.

Staying Alert to Common AC Issues

We know that familiarizing our clients with common AC issues will help them be alert to any major change in the way their unit operates. Some of the typical causes of problems include:

  • Clogged air filters

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Refrigerant leak

What are the symptoms, the telltale signs of these issues? 

If you notice any of the following signs, call Filan & Conner to schedule one of our HVAC technicians for an inspection:

  • Decrease in cold air output

  • Increase in cycling frequency (start-stop)

  • System not functioning at all

  • Leaking water

  • Emitting unusual noises

Any of these signs is a cause for concern and a reason to get an emergency AC repair service technician quickly on the road to your home or business.

HVAC Services Berlin NJ

Comprehensive HVAC Services for Berlin Township Residents

As mentioned above, we have technicians on the road at all times to intervene rapidly in case you need an emergency ac repair. But emergencies are not desirable, and we offer a complete range of services to minimize them.

Installation and Replacement

With several decades of experience as an HVAC contractor, we can accurately size and install your new air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or boiler system, as well as verify that all components of your AC unit are functioning properly. We strive to maximize the energy-efficiency of your system, and its longevity.

Filan Conner HVAC and Plumbing Installation Repair Replacement

Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance will extend the lifespan of your AC and improve its overall efficiency. Preventive maintenance involves:

  • Routinely inspecting and servicing your AC unit

  • Replacing small AC subsystems when needed

  • Fine-tuning your AC unit for best energy efficiency

You can do some of the basic maintenance tasks yourself , such as changing your air filters regularly. Or keeping the areas around the unit and the return vents clear of debris and encumbrances. But don't forget to schedule periodic maintenance checks.


Preventative maintenance is relatively inexpensive, and it definitely avoids expensive repairs, reduces energy costs, and improves the longevity and efficiency of your AC unit. Ask our technicians what solutions we offer.

Selecting the Right HVAC Contractor

In addition to licensing and certification, consult the reviews and testimonials left by clients on Google and social media. These provide valuable insight into the quality of service of your HVAC contractor and how they respond to customers’ critical reviews to ensure a peaceful resolution to occasional issues. We pride ourselves to treat our customers with respect and competence.

Filan Conner the HVAC contractor

No company delivers perfect service 100% of the times. But our many reviews and our high rating are signs that we take great care in ensuring our clients remain satisfied for life.

Customer Reviews:
Pay attention to this.

When assessing customer reviews and testimonials, consider the following aspects:

  • How many reviews does the HVAC contractor have?

  • Are reviews just ratings, or do they provide detailed information about the type of work done and the quality of the workmanship?

Plumbing services Berlin NJ
  • Pay attention to those reviews that mention specific services and repairs.

  • Reviews that make mention of the HVAC contractor’s professionalism and communication skills are important.

  • And finally, how does the AC company respond to negative reviews?

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The certifications obtained by an HVAC contractor tell you what they specialize in, and if they have the right credentials for the type of issue you have. Among the various certifications they can show:

  • NATE Certification

  • HVAC Excellence Certification

  • HVAC Quality Installation Standard

  • EPA 608 Certification

These certifications are a quasi-guarantee of a high level of expertise and proficiency in the industry, as well as an assurance that the services provided are in accordance with industry regulations.

Ask us for our certifications when you call Filan & Conner.

Cost Considerations for Air Conditioning Repair Services

We always tell our clients to take a close look at the details involved in a quote or an estimate. 

Air conditioning repair services typically require an in-depth inspection to identify what is causing the problem. This is an upfront fee that usually only covers the technician’s time, and the use of the truck. 

HVAC installation Berlin NJ

When they have completed their inspection, the HVAC technicians usually have a good idea of where the problems are and what to repair. They will give you a quote for parts and labor. A quote always itemizes labor costs, parts costs, and diagnostic fees.

Technicians must communicate clearly why such and such repairs are necessary and explain the technical language so that you understand what your AC needs. You always remain the decision-maker.

In some situations, the technician is not 100% certain that the repair will completely fix the issue. This is because the root cause of the failure may still be hidden and require a more complete diagnostic — possibly pulling part the AC unit. 

In this case, the HVAC technician will typically give you an estimate of time and costs. An estimate is not a firm quote. The technician will not proceed forward with the repairs without your consent.

Saving Money on AC Repairs

The most effective way to save money on air conditioning repairs is to subscribe to a preventive maintenance contract. For a few dollars a month, one of our HVAC technicians will come at regular intervals to your home or business to inspect, maintain and sometimes repair components of your system.

Multiple industry studies have shown that “cascade failures” occur most often when the homeowner or the business doesn't purchase preventative maintenance service.

Cascade failures occur when one component is failing due to wear & tear, but is not replaced fast enough. Because an AC unit is a tightly integrated system, the failing component will increase the workload of other components and wear them down prematurely. At this point, it becomes necessary to replace several components. But if these are not replaced, they will in turn put more pressure on a major system component and, in time, lead to a catastrophic failure. That cascade of events will cost a lot of money to unravel and repair.

Another way to save money on AC repairs is to buy from manufacturers with a long and extensive warranty. Filan & Conner specializes in Rheem and Trane systems. Trane is an upmarket manufacturer and offers extremely long warranties. This always pays off as wear & tear is not as quick on quality components, and an extensive warranty will cover malfunctions for a very long time.

However, be aware that HVAC manufacturers can void your warranty if you don’t keep your system under regular professional maintenance.

Emergency AC Repair Services

Calling for Emergency Service

Emergency AC Repair Services Berlin Nj

As we mentioned earlier, we train our clients to detect the early signs of a probably malfunction in their AC. Knowing what to listen to and what to smell is the first step in avoiding emergency ac repair calls. 

If you are not aware of the early signs of problems, Filan & Conner’s scheduling enables you to receive emergency ac repair services extremely quickly.

Sometimes incidents occur when you are away from home, maybe at work or on vacations. When you are on vacations, it is a good practice to have a neighbor check out your home to see if there is anything abnormal like a very musty smell, or a water leak near the AC unit. Give our number to a neighbor you trust to call Filan & Conner for a quick intervention.

Plumbing 24hr service Berlin Nj

When you select an HVAC contractor to install and maintain your system, select one that offers offers 24/7 availability and quick response times. 

This ensures that when you need emergency ac repair services, you can actually receive the necessary assistance promptly and without waiting an extra day. 

Filan & Conner offers 24/7 emergency ac repair services, and we have trucks on the road to be at your residence or business quickly.

24/7 Availability and Response Time

License, certification & insurance

When you select an HVAC contractor to install or replace your air conditioner, make sure they are licensed and certified. Considering the cost of a modern AC unit, the cost of replacing parts, and the cost of energy, it makes no sense to save a few hundred dollars upfront… only to lose thousands of dollars down the road because you hired a “Two chucks and a truck” installer. 

  • What certifications should an HVAC contractor have?
    HVAC contractors should possess the NATE Certification. If they replace refrigerant, they must have the appropriate certifications. There are other certifications available. Please ask our support reps when you call.
  • How can I save money on AC repairs?
    Subscribe a contract for preventive maintenance; keep your air filters clean; remove any debris or encumbrance around your AC unit and near the return vents. Remain alert for unusual smells and noise or water leaks.
  • What types of air conditioning services does Filan & Conner offer?
    We can repair and maintain any air conditioner of any type. We install Rheem and Trane air conditioning units because they have a proven track record of reliability and performance.
  • Why are HVAC repairs so expensive?
    HVAC repairs are costly due to the complexity of the system, the parts needed, the service area of the HVAC contractor, and other general business costs. All of these expenses add up to the total cost.
  • Is it true an HVAC warranty can be voided?
    Yes. Your HVAC must be installed and maintained by professional certified HVAC technicians. Manufacturers can’t afford to repair or replace units that have been badly maintained or not maintained at all, or installed by non-professionals. Repairs done by homeowners themselves will often be wrongly done, or incomplete, and mask the cause of the original issue. HVAC manufacturers can be obligated to fulfill their warranties in these circumstances.
  • Are Filan& Conner's technicians NATE Certified?
    Yes, our HVAC technicians are NATE Certified. NATE has become the best qualification standard in the industry, and a NATE certification requires experience and proper training. Most of our HVAC technicians also hold certification in other specialties, such as changing air refrigerant or converting a system for a different air refrigerant type. Ask us for details.
  • Why should I choose Filan & Conner over any other HVAC contractor?
    Ultimately, the decision is fully yours. Sometimes it comes down to pricing, sometimes to experience and reputation, sometimes to a specific brand of AC. We only suggest the following factors to guide your choice. Only select a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor, for your safety and your warranty. The HVAC contractor must also carry enough insurance to pay for any problem they may create in your home. We advise homeowners to ask for the certifications help by the contractor. These certifications are a reassuring sign that the air conditioning company will follow industry best practices. A NATE certification is definitely a requirement. Read reviews. Does the air conditioning company meets customers' standards of excellence ona regular basis? You can ask the HVAC contractor for customer references too. Before making any commitment, make sure you fully understand the content of the quote you receive frm the air conditioning company.
  • What brands of HVAC systems does Filan & Conner install?
    At Filan & Conner, in accordance with our commitment to installing high-grade HVAC systems, we carry Rheem and Trane, two very trusted brands.
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