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Our Work

Type: New Construction

Usage: Daycare

Scope of Work: Hand Sinks, Youth Toilets, Full Kitchen

Projected Completion Date: 10/24


Started in October 2021 Filan & Conner started a tenant fit out of a Men's, Women's, Unisex bathrooms. Along with a full kitchen. This project was completed in February 2022.


Renovation of a Bivouac Building. Complete repipe of sewer and water lines.

the new gate.jpg

3 Custom homes in historic Haddonfield, NJ. Started in December of 2021 and Completed in July 2022.


Started in late summer of 2021 Filan & Conner added a total of 21 Water Closets, 21 Sinks, 3 Water heaters, & 4 Water Coolers to this Tenant renovation. The project was completed February 2022.


In September 2021 Filan & Conner began an addition of gang bathrooms & a break room to an existing operational warehouse. This project was completed in December of 2021.


New Construction building that consists of 4 Duplexes & 1 Town home. Started in January of 2022 and Finished in May of 2022.

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